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DIY: Golden Egg Garland

egg garland diygoldenegg2

I am all for Easter decor, but I am not a big fan of the plastic egg colors commonly found in the Easter aisles.  However, just like Veruca Salt, I do love a pretty golden egg. And with a little metallic gold spray paint, I turned my plastic eggs into beautiful and elegant festive decor.  This Golden Egg Garland DIY is so simple and only requires three steps and three materials: metallic gold spray paint, plastic eggs, and floss.  Find the very easy tutorial below. 
materials_egg garland


1. In an open and well-ventilated area, place your plastic eggs open-side down on your protected work surface. Using your metallic spray paint, coat each egg with a layer of spray paint.  Make sure your surface is flat, so you can make sure you’re coating all sides of the eggs.  Wait a couple hours for the eggs to dry and then check to see if they require a second coat.  Mine only required one, but there were a couple that needed to be touched up on the sides.  After you have completed your paint job, let them dry overnight.  Metallic paint takes a longer time to set compared to flat paints, so be patient.

egg garland diy1

2. Once your eggs have dried overnight, your ready to start the garland.  Depending on how long you want your garland, you’ll want to figure out the length of your floss and the spacing required between each egg before you start putting eggs on.  I did my eggs 4″ apart, for strands 3′ and 4′ long. I decided to do three garland strands in total for mine, but one strand will do the trick…totally up to you!  Putting the eggs on is easy – just sandwich the floss between the two eggs.egg garland diy2

3. Since I was working with 3 strands, I tied each of the ends to push pins I had placed in the wall (1 push pin at each side).  I left the ends of the floss long at first, in the chance that I would want to adjust the length.  But once I finished and was pleased with the proportion and lengths, I trimmed each of the ends to make it cleaner.  egg garland diy3

Now how easy was that?!  The eggs also look beautiful in baskets, on shelves…anywhere!  They are beautiful and festive touches for around the home.  Talk about some classy Easter decor!

goldeneggs1egg garland diy