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jcpenney’s Bunny Ears

Since bunny ears are completely relevant this week, I thought I’d show off a fun project I did for J.C. Penney last year. To promote a bunny ears giveaway they were holding in-stores in April, I was asked to personalize bunny ears for 12 regional and national broadcast news anchors.  The client asked that they be handmade, crafty, and cute…my favorite kind of assignment!  Playing off of the individual’s character traits and personal passions, there were a bunch of fun themes I chose for each set of ears.  I’ve included a few of the ears below.

Ears for proud New Yorker Frances Rivera of PIX Morning News (NY) and the newly Californian, beach loving Ginger Chan of KTLA Morning News (LA).jcp ears

The Matchmaker ears for maker-of-love-matches Tamsen Fadal and Adopt-a-Pet ears for adoption advocate Linda Church, both of of PIX Morning News (NY).matchmaker and animal

Shark Attack! ears for shark enthusiast, professional diver, and underwater filmmaker Anna Davlantes of Good Day Chicago. sharkattack_jcp

And last, my favorite ones!  Mirrored ears for disco-loving Deborah Ferguson of 5 Today (Dallas).discoears_jcp

Here’s a pic of me wearing them.  Sure, gluing hundreds of mini mirrored tiles on fabric and polyester ears wasn’t easy, but they looked so awesome.  I didn’t want to let them go!  It’s been a year and I still miss them!  I’m going to have to get motivated and make another pair…but, I’ll save that for next year!

bunnyears copy

The broadcast anchors loved them. And many of them wore and talked about the ears during their shows, including PIX Morning News, FOX Chicago, and Good Morning America, amongst others.  It was fun to see them get some on-air love!  jcp press