A Brooklyn Wedding

Last Summer, I had the pleasure of making a wedding cake for one of the cutest couples I know, my friends Frank and Diana. As I’m sure you’ve noticed I do use the word cute a lot, but these two…believe me, they are the epitome of cute.  Diana is one of the sweetest ladies I’ve met in New York, the kind of girl who just makes you smile from looking at her.  And their wedding?  It was insanely adorable.  Like, the freaking cutest!

The ceremony was held in the garden of their family’s beautiful Brooklyn brownstone.  As Diana walked down the aisle, a two-piece (two gentlemen from the band Motive) played an amazing rendition of The Beatles “Don’t Let Me Down”….it was perfect. And yes, that’s former NY Ranger (and the couple’s friend), Sean Avery, walking the beautiful bride down the aisle.  It was a great day as two amazing individuals celebrated their love.

brooklyn weddingfrankdianawedding3frankdianawedding44

The two-tiered wedding cake was chocolate with buttercream frosting, with a decorative scalloped fan detail – also made out of buttercream.  It was a bit nerve-wracking because it was a hot and very humid day, which is not the most ideal (possibly the worst) condition for a significantly buttercream cake.  You can totally see the fear in my concentration face (and my boyfriend’s too) as I was finishing it up.


But, despite the heat, it all worked out and the cake held together beautifully.


Now do you see what I mean by cutest couple?! And they’re going to become a family of 3 soon!  There’s no stopping this cute!

All photos were taken by Maddy Wieand.