Off to Alt Summit!


I’m sitting on a plane headed towards Salt Lake City and I have the overwhelming desire to blog, as this plane ride is the first actual downtime I’ve had in over two weeks (hence the lack of updates).  After months of concepting, designing, and creating, I am so excited to have a big project come to fruition this week at Alt Summit. A few months ago I was asked by ulive (a sponsor of this year’s Alt Summit) to create the concept and design for their booth space at the conference, in addition to styling and designing the tablescape for a dinner party they will be hosting.  While both spaces will feature handmade elements, the booth will include an installation of some very large and completely unique handmade elements – 5 of them to be exact.  I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so I’ll hold off on sharing exactly what I’ve done until the conference begins on Thursday!

There are plenty of nerves rattling my bones at the moment, but I will be ready to celebrate and partake in all of the Alt awesomeness after the install tomorrow!  Looking forward to getting to spend time with so many creative and inspiring internet-savvy folks over the next few days.