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DIY: Pencil Piñata

I was reminded during a visit to Target yesterday that it’s time for the kids to head back to school.  With that reminder, I have a few school-related DIYs to share with you over the next few days, but first I wanted to share an updated version of one of my favorite DIY tutorials from last summer – this awesome pencil piñata. Stuffed with candy, erasers, mini notebooks, and other surprises, this pencil piñata has back-to-school party written all over it!  Continue on below for the full directions.



  • Flexible Cardboard (or Packaging Tube)
  • Balloon
  • 1 Piece of Construction Paper
  • Strong Decoupage Paste: Equal Parts of Flour, Water, Mod Podge
  • Newspaper
  • Tissue Paper: Pink, Tan, Yellow, and Black
  • Household Items: Scissors, Stapler, Glue, Tape, Thin Wire, Knife


    DIY Pencil Pinata1

Take your cardboard and roll it into a tube.  Staple the ends and add some tape to secure it closed.  [Note: If you happen to have a packing tube handy, no need to follow the previous steps.]  Blow up a balloon so that the circumference of the balloon matches that of your tube.  Apply some glue and stick it into one end of the tube – allowing half of the balloon to stick out. Roll a piece of construction paper into a cone shape and, just as you did with the balloon, apply glue and stick it into the other end of your tube.

I wanted my piñata to be extra tough to break open, so I decided to add a layer of newspaper around the entire pencil with the decoupage paste, but feel free to bypass this step.  Next, decoupage the cone (the pencil tip) with the tan tissue paper and the balloon (the eraser) with the pink tissue paper.  Let the pencil dry for a few hours before continuing on.


Pencil Pinata DIY2

Once your pencil is dry, glue a strip of aluminum foil around the pencil, just above the eraser.  Poke 2 holes into the center of the pencil, about 2” apart from each other.  Double up a strand of wire and string it through the holes (to hang the piñata).

Next it’s on to the fringe.  Fold 4” wide pieces of the yellow and tan tissue paper in half.  Using scissors, cut about ½ – ¾ of the way up to create fringe. Folding multiple pieces of paper at once will save you a lot of time (see the below photo for clarification).  Starting just above the tinfoil, glue the top edge of the yellow fringe along your pencil.  Once you reach the cone, switch to the tan tissue paper and continue all the way up until you have 1” left at the top.  Cut a circular piece of black tissue paper, apply glue to it, and wrap it over the tip of the cone (the pencil’s led).Pencil Pinata Fringe

Carve a hole into your pencil and fill with goodies.  Once filled, tape the hole closed.  Lastly, close your wire ends together and tie on your rope.  And now you’re ready to get swinging!

Pencil Pinata Step 3