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DIY: Stenciled Buttercream Cake

AJM Deer Cake

Using stencils on fondant cakes is a cinch, but when the cake is buttercream most think adding a stencil is not even an option.  Well folks, it sure is!  My friend Ed Roth of Stencil1 makes the coolest stencils…and I’m not the only one who thinks so.  As of recently, his line is carried in Michaels craft stores nationwide – so go and check them out!  When he showed me this stencil set full of forest vibes (you can buy them HERE), I knew I had to have it.  I used the deer stencil to decorate one of my recent buttercream cakes, and I photographed the process so I could share it with you all. Continue on below to find out how it’s done!


Before you can start the stenciling portion, you need to frost your cake and make sure that you’ve achieved a relatively smooth buttercream cake.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, but definitely more smooth than bumpy.  For a very in-depth look at how to get a smooth buttercream cake, follow tip #8 in my Rainbow Cake DIY HERE.  Once your cake is as smooth as you’re willing for it to be, set that sucker in the fridge.

For the prep, you’ll need your stencil of choice (Note: I prefer the Stencil1 stencils because a. the designs are awesome and b. the plastic surface of the laser-cut stencils doesn’t stick to the buttercream), a drop of gel food coloring, as well as a cosmetic sponge.  Dab the sponge in the dye, then blot it until it has been evenly absorbed on the sponge.  Once your cake is set and the buttercream is cold and stiff, take it out of the fridge, place your stencil in the center, and blot away.  Immediately peel off the stencil when you’re done blotting.  You need to work quickly so that your buttercream doesn’t warm up…if that happens, your stencil will stick to the top of your cake and will likely pull off a little buttercream with it.

Stencil1 Deer Cake Step 1Stencil1 Deer Cake_Step 2

Once your stencil has been peeled off, it’s ready to serve!  Stencil1 Deer Cake