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Travels: California

California Dreaming It’s been a week since I returned back to New York and to be honest, I have to say I’ve been feeling pretty down. It sure ain’t easy leaving my home state of California. I think the fact that I left as a teenager and moved to New York for 9 years has made me appreciate its beauty so much more than I once did, and I’m so grateful for that.  I don’t know if I’d still be slightly jaded if I had stayed there, but it’s nice to find myself completely in awe of the everyday things that used to surround me as a kid. Coming back to New York this time was especially rough…it seems to get more and more difficult as I get older.  Saying goodbye to the warmth, my entire family, and the incredibly inspiring beauty of that state – not an easy thing to do.  I find most of my inspiration from traveling and nature – and this visit was no exception.  Inspiration was everywhere I looked. Click on the photo above (or “more…”) to see some of the nature and landscapes that caught my eye. (Warning: a lot of plant porn)

SD Desert GardenMotorcycle BarDesert Color copyLiving WallCactus PalmsSucculent BoxSeagull SunsetSucculent SeaSolana BeachCactus YardTiki HouseSD Landscapemid century modern libraryColored WindowAloe CactusAwning 2 copyCactusSky