Attention Brooklyn

Chad Crews Photograph

If you live in NYC and find yourself around Williamsburg tonight, there’s an outstanding group photo show opening up at Reverse Gallery (28 Frost Street). And with that said, I’d like to give you a little personal insight about one photographer in particular who is a huge source of inspiration for me (and full disclosure – he’s also the man I’m lucky enough to get to spend my life with). Every single morning for the past 3+ years, Chad Crews has woken up before sunrise and headed out onto the streets of New York City to photograph. Rain, shine, snow or snowstorm – he’s out there photographing life in this city from the moment it wakes up. His passion and dedication alone is inspiring.

His photos are never staged, posed, or manipulated – most times people won’t even know the moment they are experiencing is being captured. The emotion encapsulated in his photographs is genuine; it is intense and real. And it is all captured so beautifully. In a world where digital reigns supreme and instant gratification is necessary for most, Chad defies the norm. He is a film photographer (he’d never touch a digital camera) and while most people today (myself included) release photos of their work almost instantaneously, Chad does not – in fact, he often waits months before even developing his film. He is currently sitting on an amazing body of work that is so massive there’s an entire room now dedicated to the prints and negatives in our apartment. Chad’s only released a handful of the images online, and I look forward to the day that he’s ready to show the world more. But for now, you can see a tiny glimpse of his work at Reverse Gallery this week.

Chad Crews PhotoPhotos: Chad Crews