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Artwork For The Home

I recently had a friend ask me if I had any recommendations on where to buy some reasonably priced art for her soon-to-be baby’s room. While I love to have an answer for everything, I was totally stumped. And then, just days later, I discovered that minted has an amazing selection of artwork for the home – all reasonably priced and made by independent artists (which rules!). To be totally honest, I was previously only familiar with minted for their invites (especially their gorgeous wedding invites); I had no idea they carried artwork. I was blown away by their selection and love that all the art is a partnership between independent artists and minted. Currently my kitchen and home office lack art, so I went through and selected a few pieces for each of those rooms.

For the office: As you can see, my office is very minimal, with maximum plants. I wanted artwork that was semi-neutral that would work well with the current jungle situation (which you can see below).



For the kitchen: Now, I’m not always a big fan of kitchen art – I find that it can often look a little cheesy, especially if you decorate with word art. But, since I did want to add a touch of artwork to the kitchen I kept it colorful and avoided words. Our kitchen is currently painted red, with bright accents, exposed wallpaper-lined cabinents, and lots of vintage housewares. Basically, it probably looks like your grandmother’s kitchen. I loved these two prints and thought they work well together and would work very well in my kitchen.


Inspired to add some art to your home? If so, you can shop minted’s art marketplace HERE.