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Cactus Party with HouseLarsBuilt


Well gosh y’all, I really couldn’t have asked for a better FIRST baking workshop than this. In case you missed my previous post, on Wednesday I headed out to Salt Lake City to co-host a cactus-filled workshop with my super talented friend Brittany of TheHouseThatLarsBuilt. Brittany just came out with THIS amazing and beautiful Cactus Coloring Book, so she flew me out to Utah to teach one of the cupcakes from my Cactus Cupcake Tutorial at the party. cactusparty8

I was a bit nervous since it was my first time teaching in front of a large group. I also had made all of the buttercream the day before and had checked my buttercream-filled suitcase at the airport….so I was also a little nervous about that! Thankfully, Once we were at the beautiful venue (Cactus & Tropicals in Draper, Utah) and the buttercream was in it’s perfect state, the nerves settled and I had so much fun! The Mighty Baker, a delicious Utah bakery provided the unfrosted cupcakes, which made my job (and traveling) much easier!

Before I started Brittany taught her super creative Paper Plants Tutorial. I was a bit busy prepping but loved getting to listen-in to her teach. cactusparty1cactusparty14cactusparty9

I really enjoyed teach, although I wasn’t used to talking into a mic and feel that I probably was standing a little too close to it at times! ha But man, I couldn’t have asked for a greater group of students! The 30 ladies who signed up for the class were all so kind and incredibly talented, which made my job very easy! cactusparty2They all made killer cactus cupcakes too – just look at some of these shots from the dedicated #cactuscoloringparty hashtag on Instagram from the night!     cactuscupcakescactusparty13

I was also SO excited to get to meet the incredibly hilarious and uplifting Alison Faulker aka The Alison Show who came to the workshop! She is one of my favorites to follow on the ‘gram (@TheAlisonShow) and was somehow even more hilarious and magical in person. I just adore her! I also got to see my sweet friend, the super talented Victoria Riza who drove over an hour to attend. It was such a great mix of creative (and super stylish!) ladies at the venue that night. cactusparty6

I can’t thank Brittany enough for bringing me out to Utah. I just love everything about that amazing woman. I’ve been such a huge fan of hers for so long and it was so special for me to get to teach alongside her. Her creativity truly is incomparable!  cactusparty11

And by the way -we also filmed a video together for her YouTube channel with the incredible Trisha Zemp! Can’t wait to show that to you later!

Now I feel like I’ve been bit by the teaching bug, which is pretty perfect timing because I’ll be teaching a workshop at home in Los Angeles on Sunday, December 4th!!! Mark your calendars, LA! More details to come on that soon!!!


Photography by Anna Killian