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The Best Baking Books of 2017

I thought I’d put together a quick post highlighting my favorite baking books of the year. Most of these came out this year, or at least were in my hands this year. For anyone who has an interest in cakes or baking, these books would make great gifts this coming holiday season. In no particular order, here they are.


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1. Betty Crocker’s Cooky Book: This 1963 classic got another fancy new re-issue, which I love because coming across this one in a thrift store is like striking gold…it just doesn’t happen. There’s 450+ recipes inside these pages – definitely worth the $24 tag.

2. The Year of Cozy: Okay, fine – this one isn’t from 2017…it isn’t even 2016, but it’s just too good to not include. I’m such a fan of Adrianna’s and always enjoy flipping through the pages of this book. Two years later I’m still getting the spontaneous urge to open it up on and pick out a recipe to follow along to.

3. Molly on the Range: Molly Yeh came out with a cookbook this year and to no surprise, I found it VERY enjoyable…just like everything that woman does (see her IG here). Molly has a fascinating life, and this cookbook highlights it. Guys, she left her life in Brooklyn to live on a farm with her beet-farming husband in North Dakota. I promise you too will become fascinated with her and her love for the kitchen.

4. Cherry Bombe – The Cookbook: Whenever I see Cherry Bombe, the magazine, on a shelf I have to flip through each of it’s pages. The food styling and editorial concepts are always so unique and non-Instagramy, which is very refreshing in these times. It truly has been one of my favorite modern inspirations since I first came across it while waiting for a breakfast sandwich one Sunday morning in Brooklyn. Needless to say, their first cookbook is definitely on my list. I personally don’t even own it yet, but I have seen it and it is beautiful, just like everything Cherry Bombe ever does, and has many insanely enticing recipes inside of it.

5. A Beautiful Mess Weekday Weekend: If you’ve ever come to my site before, I’m sure you’ve read about my love for these ABM ladies. Elsie and Emma’s new cookbook skews towards the healthier side of things, but still includes many delicious treat recipes. Just to give you an idea…sea salt and dark chocolate cookies, mango-coconut ice cream, even crème brûlée…who even knew being healthy could taste that decadent?!

6. Maggie Austin Cake: Maggie Austin is a VERY big deal when it comes to cake decorators. I didn’t hear much about this book coming out (aside from on Maggie’s Instagram), but it’s here and it’s just as good as I was hoping it’d be. Maggie’s the type of cake decorator that puts all other decorators to shame. Her work is like a Cézanne – every single detail is absolutely perfect. Her work is art, and the fact that she put her techniques and secrets together in a book is just very special.

7. Katherine Sabbath – Greatest Hits: This woman is truly a legend. In the past 5 years she’s created cakes that have now become the most popular cake styles of modern time. The melted ice cream cakes, the striped cheesecake layers, ganache and candy-topped cakes. I’ve talked to other bakers about this too and we all agree, Katherine is the reason all of those trendy design elements are popular today. Of course a woman that legendary puts out a cookbook that is equally as legendary. Through Kickstarter, Katherine funded this insane POP-UP book and I feel honored to get to have a copy of it in my collection. It is absolutely incredible. It’s a little pricey because LOOK AT IT, it’s a friggin pop-up book (and it comes from Australia so there’s some extra $ required for shipping), but I couldn’t recommend this book more. There aren’t any other books like this…nor will there ever be. Once she sells out of these, they’re gone forever, so don’t wait – buy this incredible book while you still can!