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Craft On: Necktie Cupcakes for Father’s Day

Fathers Day_Craft On PlayAnother episode of my Craft On video series for ulive is here.  Some of you may remember these DIY Father’s Day Tie Cupcakes.  I wanted to create an updated version of the customizable treats for Father’s Day 2014, so we made a video of the tutorial as part of my Craft On series.  Watch the video to see just how quick and easy these Father’s Day treats are – just click on the play button above to be directed to the video.  And if you get stuck or want to see the materials you’ll need first, you can find the full instructions below.

Materials Needed:

  • Airheads® Candy
  • Scissors (or Knife)
  • Buttercream Frosting
  • Cupcakes

Fathers Day Cupcake Materials


Before you start, make sure to pick out a good color for your frosting – I recommend using a dark or bright color of icing.  This time around I used a yellow buttercream frosting, but you can see a version of these cupcakes I made with chocolate frosting HERE.  

Step #1: Unwrap your candy.

Step #2: For the collar, cut a rectangular strip out of one of your Airheads®.

Step #3: Using another color Airhead®, cut out a tie shape and place the top of the tie at the center of your collar.

Step #4: Next, fold the corners of the collar over the top of the tie.

Step #5: Use the other colors to create patterns and shapes on the tie.  Once you’re happy with the design of the tie, set aside.

Step #6: Frost cupcakes. Place a candy tie atop each cupcake.

DIY Fathers Day Cupcakes

Pretty fun, right?  Obviously you want to make sure and wash your hands or wear gloves so that you don’t get the candy ties too germ-y!

Fathers Day Cupcake