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More Painted Vases

With yesterday’s DIY video for my painted glass vases, I wanted to post a better look at the glass in action from a wedding I worked on recently.  But first, you may remember me posting photos from the dinner I styled at alt summit earlier this year (see that post HERE).  I just discovered a video that was made by the ulive team that features my design for that dinner (includes some shots of the hand-painted vases), as well as a look the booth concept I designed for ulive at alt Summit 2014. If that strikes your interest, check it out HERE.

But, back to the wedding! Earlier this summer I was asked to design a dinner tablescape that included my hand-painted vases and a bright ombré floral gradient.  This dinner was a similar colorscape to the alt dinner, with the addition of white and some brighter tones to compliment the beautiful rustic barn hues.  I may be biased, but I think hand-painted vases look so gorgeous subtly mixed alongside coordinating colored florals – whether it’s just one color, an ombré colorscape, or a mix of colors.  It’s such a beautiful way to fill space on those wide wedding tables!

Painted Vases 1 Painted Vases 2Vases and Flowers

While I typically don’t do florals – the flowers were going to be placed in individual stem vases for this dinner, so I bravely took on the task. I loved the process – especially the prep part, as it allowed me to have a kitchen packed (literally, PACKED) with flowers for a day as I arranged and prepped everything for the delivery.  I forgot to mention there were 12 (12!) long barn tables for the dinner…so there were hundreds of vases that needed to be filled and a lot of hurricane glass that needed to be painted. Snapped a couple photos of the flowers before they headed out of my apartment – just look at the ranunculus (insert heart eyes emoji)! Individual flowers are fun and all, but when it comes to larger-scale floral arranging, I will always choose to leave that to the pros!

Orange FlowersYellow Ranunculus

  1. Janet

    August 3, 2014 at 2:48 pm

    Love the color on the tables. Beautiful. I am doing bud vases on the tables at my daughter’s bridal shower with wildflowers in them. Simple but beautiful. Thanks for sharing the photos with us!

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