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DIY: Tiki Bar Tumblers + Umbrellas

With just a few supplies you can make these fun tiki-inspired tumblers and drink umbrellas for your summer cocktails and mocktails. Click through after the photos for the DIY.

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Tiki Cocktail UmbrellaPART 1 – Tiki Cocktail Umbrellas:

Materials Needed:

  • Construction paper
  • Tan colored tissue Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Wooden skewer
  • Hot glue


Step #1: Cut out a circle from your construction paper. Fold the circle in half, then twice more, using your fingers to make a light crease with each fold. When you unfold the circle, you should have 8 equal (pie slice) pieces. Use scissors to cut out one of the eight pie slice shapes.

Step #2: Using your glue stick, add glue to one of the open-edged slices, and then fold under the opposite side to form a cone (an umbrella shape).

Step #3: Cut thin 1-inch strips of tan tissue paper and fringe the strips, cutting up 3/4 of the way with scissors. [Note: If you have fringe scissors, obviously now would be a good time to use them! If you don’t have fringe scissors, but find yourself cutting a lot of paper fringe for your party decor, they’re definitely worth the $13.75 investment.]

Step #4: Using your glue stick, add glue around the bottom edge of your umbrella and wrap the fringe around the glue. I found the umbrella looked best with 2 strips of fringe per layer. Work from the bottom up, adding 3-4 layers of fringe, each layer wrapped in an even line (don’t spiral the fringe towards the top).

Step #5: Once you get to the top layer, work with small singular pieces of fringe that can easily be formed to the tip of the cone shape.

Step #6: Flip the paper cone over and add a large dab of hot glue to the center (the interior tip) of the cone. Insert a skewer into the hot glue and hold it there for 1-2 minutes until the hot glue dries.

Tiki Umbrella DIY

PART 2 – Tiki Bar Tumblers:

Materials Needed:

  • Glass tumbler
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape
  • Hot glue

Directions: To get that faux bamboo look for the tiki bar tumblers, all you need is some corrugated cardboard. If you don’t have the open-sided corrugated cardboard, take a cardboard box and first cut long pieces (enough to wrap around a glass tumbler). To easily pull off the top layer of cardboard and expose the corrugated portion, place the piece(s) of cardboard near steam for a few minutes (either over a pot of boiling water or next to a hot shower). The steam will allow the top piece to slide off like butter.

Once you have the corrugated strips of cardboard, cut them to the size of your tumbler, making sure the width of each strip is long enough to wrap around the entire glass + 1-inch. Tape one end of the cardboard to your glass with clear tape, wrap the cardboard around the tumbler, and then add hot glue to that additional inch of cardboard before overlapping it around the taped cardboard. If there’s any additional cardboard sticking out the top or bottom of your glass, use scissors to trim, as you want the cardboard to be level with the rim and the bottom of the glass.

Once covered, pour in your delicious tropical beverage, stick in  your tiki umbrella, and serve!

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