2015: The Highlights

It’s that time of year again, when I start to get a bit nostalgic as I look back on all that was designed, baked, and made over here. There were so many great projects, I found it difficult to pick my favorites. So instead of calling these my favorites, I’m just going to call them the highlights.

Home DIY Projects: There were some really fun DIY project posts for the home. Once we move to California early next year, I plan on posting a lot more home projects…especially as we decorate and furnish our new place!

2015 Home DIY Projects

1. DIY Upcycled Paper Planter // 2. DIY Faux Stained Glass // 3. DIY Wall Shelf // 4. Drying Citrus // 5. DIY Peg Board // 6. DIY Marbled Pots

Summer + Southern: I wasn’t too sure what to call this selection of highlights, but they do all fit in the summer or southern-influenced category, so I’m just gonna go with that!

2015 best posts

1. DIY Rice Krispie Popsicles // 2. DIY Waterproof Beach Blanket // 3. DIY BBQ Macarons // 4. Otomi Cake // 5. DIY Cacti Chocolates // 6. DIY Cookie Tacos

Stone Sweets: I can’t believe those Gemstone Cupcakes were made in 2015, it feels like it’s been years since I made them! As I’ve mentioned before, the cupcakes were the initial project that inspired the agate slice cookies and cheesecake posts.

2015 Agate Crystal Posts

1. DIY Agate Cheesecake // 2. DIY Gemstone Cupcakes // 3. DIY Agate Slice Cookies

Retro Influenced: I’ve always been inspired by retro and vintage influences. These posts take obvious inspiration from my love of the past.

2015 Retro Posts

1. Retro Snowglobe Cupcakes // 2. Palm Springs Wedding Job – 1, 2 // 3. DIY Wallpaper Cakes

Pretty and Pop-Art: Another category I couldn’t think of a name for (ha!). But, I am certain that these are definitely some of my prettiest posts from the year.

2015 Posts

1. Fruit + Yogurt Popsicle Recipe // 2. DIY Balloon Cake Topper // 3. Flower Girl Los Angeles Collab // 4. DIY Embroidery Cakes // 5. DIY Vase Cake // 6. DIY Cake Painting

Wedding Cakes: And then there were a lot of naked/semi-naked wedding cake orders (this wasn’t even half of them!).

2015 CAKES

1. Semi-Naked Fall Cakes // 2. Spring Naked Cake // 3. Minimal Summer Cake // 4. Ranunculus and Strawberry Naked Cake // 5. Not Just Another Naked Cake // 6. Strawberries + Salted Caramel Cake // 7. Goldenrod Semi-Naked Cake // 8. Brooklyn Garden Wedding Cake // 9. Naked Cake with Currants


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