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Our Home at Halloween: The Office

Since our office is one of my favorite parts of the apartment, and because it is easy to decorate for Halloween, I decided to post a little peek. Although it looks fairly spooky, this is actually how it is year-round (minus the cobwebs and the skull!).  I spend a lot of time at the desk crafting, while Chad, my boyfriend, spends a lot of time on that piano.  As you can tell, we collect a lot of antiques.  Most of the items have been found at tag sales, flea markets, and antique stores around New York.  Enjoy the photos!

We designed the shelves over dinner one night, using an antique mahogany desk we had as the center point.  Chad found the wood at a great salvage yard in Brooklyn and then sanded, stained, and built the beautiful shelves.  Such a stud!