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Baked: Retro Inspired 50th Birthday Cake

Long story short: Almost 7 years ago I moved to NYC. I scored an amazing internship at Maloney & Fox and had the honor of getting to work for / with an amazing woman named Margie Fox. Margie is unlike any other woman in New York City. She is such an inspiration to me and has always shown me so much support. So, when her 50th birthday party came around a couple weeks ago, I decided to bake her something sweet.

Turns out her and her mother, Dorothy, have the same birthday, and that Dorothy was also going to be at the birthday party.  To celebrate them both, I chose a 60’s theme to pay homage to the year Margie was born/birthed.  I designed some button toppers and chose a retro color scheme for the icing.  Taking inspiration from a groovy 60s wallpaper print I had found, I mixed a few different icing colors together to get each hue. Groovy, baby!

I’ve included some photos below. To see more of my cakes, check out my portfolio HERE.