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Baked: Leprechaun Cupcakes

Let me tell you something – I am not a fan of St. Patrick’s Day  – the American celebration of the day, to be clear.  As a kid it was super fun to get all decked in green and stuff, but nowadays I find it hard to enjoy myself outside during this day due to the plethora of former frat boys drunkenly trolling the New York City streets. It is frightening.  And because of my disdain for the day, I didn’t think I would want to partake in any St. Patty’s-themed crafts or baking.

But, to my surprise, I found myself envisioning some St. Patrick’s Day themed Leprechaun cupcakes. Don’t exactly know how I came about this idea, but a couple of days ago I was thinking that it would be hilarious and completely ridiculous to turn chocolate cupcakes into little pots o’ gold with funny leprechauns jumping out of them, and so I did!

The chocolate cupcakes were initially frosted with buttercream and then I dyed and molded the fondant for the pot, coins, and the cute little Leprechaun faces and arms. So instead of getting drunk at some cheesy bar on Sunday, I’ll be enjoying some of these little leprechaun cupcakes!

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