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Craft On: Patriotic Dog Shirts

Craft On_Patriotic Dog Shirt

With Fourth of July around the corner, I’ve dedicated an episode in my Craft On series to my favorite addition to any festive Fourth party – a patriotic pup!  By using some Avery® Fabric Transfer sheets (clearly, one of my favorite crafting items), I turn plain doggie tees into very patriotic ready-to-wear tops. While I made Dylan a classic flag tee, I turned Riley’s into a biker-style top with patriotic patches all over it.  Watch the video to see how to make both styles of the shirts – just click on the play button above.  If you get stuck or want to see the materials you’ll need first, you can find the full instructions below.

Patriotic Dog Tee

Materials Needed:

  • Dog Shirt
  • Patriotic Designs
  • Fabric Transfer Sheets
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Ironing Surface (pillowcase or tea towel)
  • Iron

Craft On Dog Shirts_Materials Needed


Step #1: Gather some printable patriotic designs, by creating them on your computer or finding them online.

Step #2: Flip the image or text to reverse it for the print.

Step #3: Load one of your Avery® fabric transfer sheets into your printer and print. Once you have your printout, cut the word out with scissors, leaving a narrow margin around your image.

Step #4: Prep your surface.  Place a pillowcase or tablecloth down on the surface. Set iron to highest cotton setting. Place dog shirt down and iron it to get any wrinkles out.

Step #5: Place your transferred image face down onto your dog shirt. Applying pressure with both hands, iron the transfer, making slow 20 second passes from left to right and then top to bottom.  For a half page image, only 90 seconds of ironing is needed.

Step #6: After ironing, allow the transfer to shirt to cool for 2 minutes.  Once cooled, peel the backing off, starting at one corner of the transfer.  Most importantly, make sure the shirt is completely cool before putting on your pup!

DIY Patriotic Dog Shirts

Patriotic Dog Tee 2

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