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Craft On: Suitcase Dog Bed

Suitcase Dog Bed

Okay guys – you all must watch the video tutorial I made for this vintage suitcase dog bed. Why?!  Well, because I’m pretty certain my dogs should win some type of canine acting award for their performance in this one.  It is just too perfect – I make them a new bed from a vintage suitcase, they get right in, they yawn, and then they fall asleep…just like that!  I mean, come on!  And they look really ridiculously cute doing it all. Hollywood dog agents – I’ll be expecting your calls!  In all seriousness, it’s a super simple DIY that you can make on the cheap…and with winter temperatures already here, it’s a great addition to have around your home to keep your pup (or cat!) warm. To watch Riley and Dylan ham it up and see how it’s made, click the play button below to watch the video.


  • Hard-Shell Suitcase
  • Sponge + Natural cleaner
  • 4 Furniture Feet
  • 4 Leg Plates (w/ screws + screw covers)
  • Drill + Screwdriver
  • Standard bed pillow w/ pillowcase (or spare fabric, quilt)


Dog Suitcase Bed DIY

Step #1: Remove the top of the suitcase with a screwdriver.

Step #2: Clean the interior and exterior of the suitcase with a sponge and a non-toxic cleaner.

Step #3: On the bottom of the suitcase position the 4 furniture feet plates into place (one in each corner). Using a drill, add screws to each foot plate.

Step #4: Once all screws have been added, screw in each furniture foot.

Step #5: Turn suitcase over and add screw covers to cover the sharp screw ends.

Step #6: Add in the bedding – a standard pillow works well for most suitcases.

Craft On Dog Suitcase

  1. Rosetta Warren

    February 17, 2016 at 7:57 am

    This is a gorgeous idea! Think I have the perfect old suitcase that will fit perfectly for my dog. Plus it’s a good up-cycling lesson for my girls, they’ll surely love the idea too. Thank you for the inspiration!

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