Baked: Evil Eye Cake

Evil Eye Cake 1

A few days before I made this cake, I had a friend ask me if I had ever dropped a cake. My answer was no, of course not!  Then I made this huge, heavy evil eye cake and I was certain that I had been jinxed because I almost dropped it as I was setting the nearly finished cake back in the fridge not just once, but twice. Perhaps it was the oval eye shape…or perhaps I had just psyched myself out. Either way, thank goodness I was able to avoid those two potentially fatal falls. It was very heavy (as you can tell from the above photo). I wasn’t planning on, or wanting to have to use fondant for the exterior, but because the temperature had gone from 60 to 85 over the two days I had been making it, the buttercream needed to be protected so it didn’t sweat. And in the end, I was super happy with the ultra clean and smooth details the fondant provided for the evil eye.

Evil Eye Cake