A Big Announcement

Christmas Cactus Cake

I jazzed up my DIY Cactus Cake not only for the holidays, but also because it seemed like the most appropriate (and festive) way to celebrate a big change that is about to happen in my life. Drum roll please……

After 10 (10!) years in New York, I’ll be moving back to my home state of California next month. At the end of January, my little family and I will pack up the apartment we’ve called home for the past 6 years and drive out west (3 pets on a cross country road trip, wish us luck!). Come February, we will call Los Angeles home. As you have probably noticed, many of my projects – like this potted cactus cake – have been inspired by my southern California upbringing and I always feel incredibly energized and at my most creative when I’m back on the west coast. Not saying that I’m expecting to have some newfound creative energy hit me as soon as I get there, but I think that those feelings were just my heart directing me back. There’s also my amazing family whom ALL reside in California, which of course was another big factor in this decision – it’ll be so great to be just a short drive away from them in San Diego.

I love New York so very much and expect to be back a few times next year, but California will be home base. I can’t believe it’s happening so soon – time is seriously flying by faster than ever before. It’s scary to leave an environment I’ve become so comfortable in, and it feels a bit like we’re starting over, but I know it’s the best move.

In terms of NY work, while I won’t be taking on any NY-based spring orders, please do continue to reach out if you’d like to work with me for late summer or fall 2016 weddings / events, as I will travel for jobs.

And for all of you in and around LA…

  • For all you creatives, let’s collab! I am really looking forward to working with new people. So fellow bloggers, DIY-ers, designers, makers, I want to meet you!
  • If there’s any LA-based photographers/videographers reading this, I’m on the lookout for someone that is interested in collaborating on a video project. Email me if so!
  • Also, if anyone has any leads on a pet-friendly house rental for Feb 1, please let me know! West or east side, any charming neighborhood will do.

I’ve been writing down the reasons I love New York, what I’ll miss the most, and have been making a list of my favorite places. I plan on putting those together in a couple of posts over the next month.

Okay, that’s it! I know this is a much bigger deal for me to announce, than it is for you to read. Ha. But, it is a big change for me and it’s a little scary (in the best way), so it feels good to write about it and make it official. Thank you for listening, it means A LOT to me!

PS – I’ll post an updated DIY for this Cactus Christmas Cake tomorrow!

  1. superpragmatic

    December 3, 2015 at 5:34 pm

    I’m excited for you! And for me, perhaps I’ll be able to order a cake one day.

    1. alanajonesmann

      December 3, 2015 at 9:21 pm

      yes, please!!

  2. Monica P

    December 3, 2015 at 7:00 pm

    Awesome! I live in San Diego so welcome back to California ( land of fruit and nuts ).


  3. Samantha

    December 4, 2015 at 7:13 pm

    We’re so excited to have you in LA Alana! You can come hang out at the studio anytime!

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