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Fresh Start

As I mentioned the other week, earlier this month we moved to LA without having a place to live arranged prior to our arrival. Luckily my hometown of San Diego is just a 2 hour drive away, and we had plenty of sweet friends who offered to let us crash with them in LA while we were searching. After a few exhausting days, we were starting to think what we wanted for our dream place might have to be reevaluated. Our list included a nice space (preferably a house) that was pet-friendly with great natural light, a good kitchen, and a yard. We were covering a lot of ground and exploring a bunch of different areas, but weren’t finding what we needed in our budget. Then on the third day (which felt like the third week), we found it! Best of all, it was in Echo Park, one of our favorite neighborhoods.

We really lucked out. It truly is everything we wanted and more….just look at these big windows and that white floor in the living room! It gets so much light that you practically need to wear sunglasses inside during the day. This level of brightness is huge for me since I plan on shooting a lot of photos in here!

Dreamy White FloorsWhite Floors

Since our moving van was more than a week behind us, we were able to enjoy the space as a blank canvas which was helpful as we started to dream up what would go where in our new home. The view out that living room window at sunset is pretty magical too!

Downtown ViewsThe decorating and fully getting settled will take some time, but this place sure is starting to feel like home. Since we have a lot of decorating to do, I’ll be sharing that process on here every once in a while. We are also planning on building and making quite a few unique pieces of furniture and decor for the space, so you can expect more home decor DIY projects on here from now on. I used to do a lot of them on here (proof HERE), but since the space in our BK apartment was so limited, they were always a bit of a challenge. However, now that there’s plenty of well-lit space, yards to landscape/decorate, and a full to-do list of  projects to make, I can’t wait to get started and start sharing the process with you!

  1. Diana

    March 15, 2016 at 4:31 pm

    Aw congrats! All that white space is like a dream!


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