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Handmade Wedding Details

weddinglead_new2I love making and baking for all sorts of occasions and celebrations, but for me, weddings definitely take the cake! There’s something extra special about getting to be involved with a couple on planning their big day. A creative bride (which most of them are) is my favorite kind of client. And when the creative bride also happens to be one of your childhood friends – now it doesn’t get better than that! One of my girlfriends, Erin, got married this past August to the love of her life. For their wedding, Erin asked me to incorporate a couple of handmade elements into their reception, including a backdrop for the outdoor photo booth and personalized chairs for the bride and groom. The handmade decor perfectly complemented the other pre-selected decor and added a level of uniqueness and personalization. Everything looked amazing!

For both the chairs and the photo booth, I first selected an assortment of ribbon colors that would resonate with the bride’s wedding palette. For the chairs, I hand painted “Mr” and “Mrs” signs, which were bordered with an elegant silver frame and tied to the chairs with white satin ribbon.  I looped pieces of the ribbons around each chair, to provide a beautiful backdrop for the signs. The chairs looked so beautiful – very elegant, but still super fun and cheerful.ReceptionDetails_065_web

For the photo booth, I created one large ribbon garland.  Since the backdrop needed to be hung from a PVC frame, I knew that it could not be too heavy.  Using rope as the support, I looped each beautiful hue of ribbon along the garland, in random order.  The hundreds of ribbon strands looked beautiful outside the reception tent. And as you can see from the photos below, there was no hesitation from guests to try it out. It instigated a little bit of trouble and a whole lot of laughs throughout the night.


Huge thank you to Zelo Photography for capturing my work much better than I ever could, in addition to the most amazing wedding photos I’ve ever laid eyes on.  If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in the San Diego area, I would highly suggest you check out their blog.

I feel so lucky to have had the chance to work with one of my good friends on her big day!  Biggest thanks of all to my girl Erin for asking me to do this – it was such an honor!  Erin and Joe – you guys are the best!!

Bridal PartyAll Photos: Zelo Photography

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