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DIY: Beetlejuice-inspired Halloween Cake Stand

For this project, I turned a vintage china plate and candle holder into a small cake stand.  Taking inspiration from one of the best movies (ever!), I love this new addition to my Halloween dining table and think I’ll actually keep it on display throughout the year. DIY tutorial is below!

Materials needed:

  • China Plate
  • Candle holder or small crystal bowl (anything that is level at the top and can support a plate)
  • Epoxy or MonsterGlue
  • Spray paints: White + Clear Gloss
  • Acrylic paint: Black + White
  • Ruler, Pencil, Paint Brush

1. Adhere plate and candle holder by applying epoxy to the rim of the candle holder.  Affix holder to the center of the cake plate’s bottom side. Apply glue around the holder’s edge to reinforce. Let dry 4 -6 hours.

2. Take your cake stand to a ventilated area and give it a good 2 coats of spray paint, allowing dry time in between coats. Once 2 coats have been applied, let the plate sit to set.

3. Use a pencil and ruler to trace the lines on the plate. From the image above you can see I lightly brushed with a paint brush which rows will be black, just to make sure spacing was even.

4. Using your acrylic paint, fill in black lines.

5. Before you put away your acrylic paint, apply a coat to the bottom of the stand. Let dry.

6. Spray 1-2 coats of gloss paint over entire stand. Let dry. Wash before use!