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Monday Motivation

[my inspiration and motivation for this monday]

1: This is going to be my “weekend daytime outfit” since it won’t be too convenient to party it up on a bike with a basket…a basket that will most likely have something that resembles E.T. in the basket. And maybe, just maybe, that something will be my pug in a bed sheet.

2: Lydia from “Beetlejuice”. Considering this is one of my all-time favorite movies, I’m surprised I have not yet dressed as Lydia. Perhaps this is the year.

3: I’ve really wanted a reason to buy a vintage horse riding helmet and am thinking this costume may be a good scapegoat.

4: The roaring 20s is a relatively easy costume, but always fun.

5: I loved “Moonrise Kingdom” so much. I’d be either Suzy or Sam. Also, the owl costume in the dressing room scene is super rad. That could work too!