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Barking Bad


The “Breaking Bad” spinoff you’re just now hearing about – “Barking Bad” – coming to you this Halloween.  Pinkman The Pug and Heisenpug dealing out the strongest crank in town.  It’s gonna be good!

pinkmanpug_2 Heisenpug_1

Now, not to sound too crazy (as if dog costumes aren’t crazy enough), but you see Riley (Pinkman) absolutely loved Breaking Bad.  He’ll pay attention to the television if there’s a dog on the screen, but normally doesn’t give a hoot about what we’re watching.  However, with Breaking Bad, it was a different story.  Riley loved every single episode.  My boyfriend and I would crack up as he would sit at the end of the bed on Sunday night, attentively responding to every word that was exchanged during each episode.  During tense moments he’d whine, sometimes even having to remove himself from the bedroom – he’d usually run to go get one of his toys, which he’d then bring back and nervously chew on while watching the rest of the episode.  I shit you not, the little pug was obsessed….as were his parents.  So, this year’s costume is our homage to our favorite series ever.  EVER.


In case you were curious with the crafting aspect of these, here’s a little insight.  For Heisenpug – not much explanation needed: dog hat from H&M (it’s been used before), kid sunglasses from CVS. For Pinkman The Pug I sewed the hazmat suit from a plastic tablecloth that I picked up at the dollar store.  Check out the piñata dog costume to find a template very similar to the pattern I followed. And for the gas mask I spray painted a mask and then added lens caps to the top.


Look at this guy!  So sleepy after a long cook!  No joke people, he fell asleep in his hazmat suit.sleepypinkman_1

Disclaimer: Sorry to disappoint, there will not be a dog spinoff of Breaking Bad (even though that would be hilarious) and this post is in no way affiliated with AMC / Breaking Bad. 

  1. Vicki Pittman

    November 2, 2013 at 12:24 am

    you are a nut! a lovable, creative nut, but a nut none the less….<3

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