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DIY: Flower Vase Cake

Cake Flowers 2

I was planning on doing an Easter-specific DIY today, but as I begin to plan for one I was looking at my Pinterest feed and became completely overwhelmed with all the amazing Easter DIY’s out there already. I got a bit intimidated and scratched that idea. So instead, I went with another pretty DIY I had been wanting to make. It wasn’t until I finished the project that I realized this DIY would still work well for Easter Sunday, as it combines two popular table centerpieces – a cake AND a flower arrangement. I’ll be posting more photos over the next day, but wanted to get the instructions up now for those of you interested in replicating it for your Easter table.

Flower Vase Cake

Now sure, you could just cut the stems off flowers and adhere them onto a cake with buttercream, but with flowers as pretty as these, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could keep the flowers even after you’ve eaten the entire cake?!  Well folks, now you can!  Using plastic test tubes, you can turn a cake into a vase. A CAKE VASE, you guys! Follow along to find out how to make one for your next party table.

Materials Needed:

  • Cake
  • Spatula
  • Plastic test tube(s)
  • Scissors
  • Water
  • Flowers


Before You Start: Head to your local farmer’s market and pick out some of some beautiful spring blooms. I couldn’t resist the poppies from the Union Square Greenmarket. While I was there I picked up some daffodils and ranunculus too, because these are what spring dreams are made of, right?!

Cake Flowers

Cake Flowers 3

Step #1: Once you have your flowers, you’ll want to finish your cake (or start it).  I went with a naked cake for mine, but any style of cake will do. As you begin to finish frosting your cake, you’ll want to make sure your sides are smooth and even, but no need to perfect the top of the cake (yet).

Cake Flower Vase DIY

Step #2: Measure the height of the cake and cut your plastic test tube (or tubes) down to size, if needed. Once the test tube is cut to size, fill it halfway with water, and insert the test tube into the center of the cake.

Test Tube Vase

Step #3: Push the tube(s) down, just below the cake’s top, so that the tube disappears from view. Next, use a spatula to smooth and even out the top of your cake. Since your cake has more than likely warmed up a bit at this point, place it into the fridge for 15-20 minutes to allow the frosting to re-set.

Cake Vase DIY Step 2

Step #4: Cut the stems and arrange the flowers into the test tube, while making sure not to overcrowd the tube. I would recommend no more than 3 stems per tube and no more than 3 tubes per cake. Once you’ve arranged the flowers to your liking, go ahead and display that beautiful cake vase! Don’t forget to remove the test tube vases before cutting the cake.

Cake Vase

Flower Vase Cakes

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