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It’s been a busy week over here…and it’s only Tuesday. There’s been a few orders to fulfill, a few cakes to make, and now there’s more than a few other to-dos that I’ll hopefully manage to check off in the next couple of days. Work (if you can call it that) seems a bit confining at the moment because all this San Diegan wants to do is soak up these warm NYC days at the beach!  But inside it is, at least for the next few days. Before I get back to the grind, I wanted to share some updates with you.

First, a few updates with previous tutorials…

  • Summer BBQ Macaron DIY: There’s now a shop-able box available at that has all the macs you’ll need for the DIY. And don’t you worry, they ship nationwide! You can purchase the macaron set HERE.
  • Gemstone Cupcake DIY: I received a frustrating note from someone trying to make the geode, which bummed me out. But, I get it – it’s a little tricky to make – especially for someone who is new to sugar. Regardless, I added a few updates / tips for those who may be new to using sugar. Hopefully that helps with any future frustrations!
  • Wallpaper Cake Tutorial: I put together my Wallpaper Cake DIY to inspire people to create their own wallpaper cakes using the technique…and that is exactly what I’ve seen happen! I LOVE when people try out the tutorial and make it their own. Just how rad is THIS one!! That was made by Alysa, a textile print designer in NYC (@withones), who painted the design before scanning and printing it onto edible paper. Endless possibilities, people!
  • Pizza Cake: Sent another one of my pizza cakes off today. For this cake I improved the toppings in terms of taste – was beyond pleased that I didn’t have to use any fondant! Those Pizza Cake tutorial updates will be posted shortly!

Also for those of you in NY or LA…

  • NYC – Cactus Cupcake Workshop: I am looking for a cool space in NY (Manhattan or Williamsburg/Greenpoint) to host my cactus cupcake workshop. If you have recommendations for a reasonably-priced (or free) space that would accommodate 15-20 people and some cupcake decorating, would love to hear from you! Leave a comment or send me an email.
  • LA / San Diego: I’m coming for you in early August! Can’t wait to be back home for a bit!

Also, even though it’s busy, I still have some new projects coming your way! One tomorrow and one on Thursday, so stay tuned!

  1. seainspanish

    June 30, 2015 at 7:01 am

    Not sure what their rates are but it’s a nice space, easy to get to, but slightly hidden so maybe not to pricey… Exciting hoping to take the class!

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