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DIY: Candy Corn Ice Cream

Candy Corn Ice Cream 2I wasn’t going to do any DIY projects for Halloween this year, mostly because I just haven’t been feeling it – Halloween isn’t really my thing, it never has been (weird, I know). I often feel like I’m forcing myself to do Halloween projects because, well, that’s what you’re supposed to do as a blogger. So I was going to just skip over it this year and start getting to the greatness of Fall and Winter, but then I had the most random idea hit me and it was too good to pass up. You know how those sundae glasses have a triangle shape? I happened to be staring at one and it hit me…that triangle shape is perfectly similar to the candy corn shape, and I love ice cream year round, so I thought it’d be fun to serve up some candy corn ice cream sundaes. That glass shape is so perfect, right?! It is exactly like a giant candy corn. These candy corn ice cream sundaes would be such a hit at a Halloween party. Plus, they take practically zero effort to make, which is good considering Halloween is just five days away! Continue along below for the DIY.


Materials Needed:

  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Optional: orange + lemon sherbet
  • Food coloring: orange + yellow
  • Sundae glasses
  • Baster


For the first step there’s one of two ways you can do this. You can either buy just vanilla ice cream and dye portions of it yellow and orange with food coloring, or you can buy three different ice cream flavors – one vanilla, an orange sherbet and a lemon sherbet (orange / lemon gelato flavors would work too!). Whichever way you prefer, the majority of the process below will be the same. Just to note, I went with a vanilla ice cream, an orange sherbet, and I couldn’t find a lemon sherbet – so I just dyed some of my vanilla ice cream yellow. I also wanted my orange color to be just a bit darker, so I added in a drop of orange coloring to my sherbet.

Once you have your 3 colors of ice cream, allow each flavor to melt – either by sitting out on the counter or if you’re in a hurry just microwave each carton for 30 seconds. Starting with your vanilla (white) ice cream, use a baster to cleanly add the bottom ice cream layer to each glass (filling about 1/6 of the glass). Set the glass(es) in the freezer until the first layer of ice cream hardens. Wash out your baster. Once frozen, add the orange color with the baster. Make sure the orange ice cream is not warm – you want it melted, but want to allow the ice cream to come to room temperature so it doesn’t melt the vanilla. After you add it, place your glass(es) back in the freezer. Again, wash your baster. Once frozen, repeat the process with the yellow ice cream. Top with candy corns and sprinkles before serving.

This does take time, but is totally worth it. I’d recommend filling a batch of glasses at once even if you only plan on serving one or two people – this way you’re only waiting for the layers to freeze initially and will not have to wait for the second servings to freeze.

Warning: If you let the prepared candy corn sundaes sit out, the colors will bleed into each other as the ice cream melts, so serve immediately once your guests are ready for dessert.

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  1. Amanda

    October 27, 2015 at 11:22 pm

    This is super cute!!! I don’t get into Halloween either, but for candy corn-thingies?? YES.

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